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Customised Ex Control Panels & Terminal Boxes

Customised Annunciator
Ex de IIC T6
Annunciator showing Ex d Box
Ex de IIC T6
Terminal Box
Intrinsically Safe Field Bus Junction Box
Ex de ia-ib IIC T6
Control Panel
Ex nA de IIC T4
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Ex e Battery System

Ex e II T6
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Heater Control Box
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Immersion Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Gas Heater
Electric Air-Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Temperature Controller
Ex de IIC T6
Gas Pipeline Heater
Ex de IIC T1-T6
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Controller
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Ex Lights & Inspection Lamp Distribution

Zone 1 Ex Handlamp (LED) Ex d IIC T5

Portable Ex Lamp Bank

Zone 0 Ex Fibre Optic
Inspection Light.

Ex Machine Lamp

LED Machine Lamp

Ex Handlamp with Ex Safety transformer and Ex plug for use in enclosed areas.

Tube light with 3 LED tubes (360).
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Ex 'p' Pressurised Enclosures & Computers

Ex px ib IIC T4 /
Ex pz ib IIC T4 for Gas
Ex pD 21 IP 65 T130C for Dust Pressursed Enclosure,
Ex px Purging Controller
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Flameproof Multipurpose Distribution Panels

Ex Installation Accessories

Ex Grounding Detection System

IS Grounding Detector System IS Grounding System Controller
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